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Welcome to Malaysia

Malaysia is made up of 13 states with a population of more than 23 million people. It is a multi cultural and multiracial population consisting of almost 55% Malay, 32% Chinese and 9% Indians. Despite the Islamic dominancy, Chinese, Indians and other ethnic group live with their own unique culture and heritage with peach and harmony. CAPITAL Malaysia capital is Kuala Lumpur (known as KL), centrally located on the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia. KL is busy city and a hub for cultural activities, events and meetings. It is the largest city in Malaysia. LANGUAGE National language is Malay but but English as well as Chinese and Indian dialects are also widely spoken. CLIMATE Malaysia is tropical paradise temperature ranging from 21 to 32 degrees celcious. It is warm and humid throughout the year. Rainy Season : November to February CURRENCY The currency of Malaysia is "Ringgit". PLACES OF INTEREST Malaysia is one of the most fascinating destination in the world with full of surprises, natural wonders, beautiful sceneries and shopping malls. Kuala Lumpur has a wealth of attractions such as the world famous Petronas Twin Towers and skyscrapers. Batu Caves which is situated a few mile away from the city is a Hindu temple made up of large natural caves. KL has it all for shopping, sight seeing, eating, nightlife, etc. Penang is also known as "Pearl of the Orient" where there are beautiful beaches and mysterious temples. Some of the places of interest are The Keling Mosque, Fort Cornwallis and Wat Chaiya, Mangkalaram and Sri Mariamman Temple. Langkawi is the largest island in Malaysia comprises of 99 beautiful islands such as Pulau Dayang Bunting, Pulau Payar and Pulau Beras Basah . Its a ideal place for watersports such as swimming, fishing and scuba diving. Langkawi is a free port wich offer duty free shopping. Johor Bahru is the southern gateway into Peninsular Malaysia and also the road and rail gateway from Singapore. Popular places in Johor are Kota Tinggi Waterfalls, Ayer Hitam, Muar and Desaru. Pangkor, which is situated in Perak's island attracts visitors annually to its lovely beaches. Melaka is the historical city of Malaysia. Tourist attraction spots are A'Famosa, St Paul's Church, Dutch Fort and Stadthuys Museum Complex. Food is unique here with a combination of Chinese Malay delicacies and Cameron Highlands with a low temperature of 16 degrees celcius is a hill resort which is situated 1500m above the sea level. It is surrounded by beautiful flowers, butterfly and vegetable gardens. Cameron Highlands produces the largest resort in Malaysia. Genting Highlands with a cool climate which is situated 6000ft above the sea level is a favourite destination for world-class entertainment. It is a complete entertainment which feature theme park, casino, golf, restaurants and shopping malls. Fraser's Hill is a hill resort with a cool climate which is situated 1280m above the sea level. It is a ideal destination for company retreats or weekend get-aways which feature recreational activities, golfing, bird watching Redang Island is a beautiful resort with sandy beaches, clear blue sea and coral reefs. Redang consist of 9 islands such as Paku Besar Island, Paku Kecil Island, Kerengga Kecil Island, etc. It is a excellent place for diving and norkelling. FOOD There are huge variety of dishes available by the multi-ethnic population. Rice is the staple food and seafood are enjoyed by all. The food is relatively inexpensive and tends to be spicy and savory. BUSINESS Malaysia is rich in natural resources. They are the world's largest exporter of palm oil, rubber and timber. Malaysia exports over $120 billion worth of products such as rubber, cocoa, oil, petroleum, wood, textiles, etc.
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